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Tuition Fee

The course fee is € 200 and can be paid by bank transfer to the following account or by credit card (see below):

Account Name : Haskolasetur Vestfjarda
Account Number : 0154 38 710081 
Account Address : Sudurgata 12, 400 Isafjordur, Iceland
Swift Number : NBIIISRE
IBAN Number : IS68 0154 38 710081 610705 0220
Name of Bank : NBI hf
Address of Bank: Austurstræti 11, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland


Please do not forget to list your name on the bank transfer, especially if you are not the holder of the account from which the payment is made. We also ask you to send a confirmation to As soon as we have received your payment we will send you a confirmation.

For further information please contact


Pay by credit card



Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy:
Spring course May: We will refund € 150 for cancellations before 1 March, 2014 and € 100 for cancellations received after 15 March, 2014.

Summer course August: We will refund € 150 for cancellations before 1 July, 2014 and € 100 for cancellations received after 1 July, 2014.


Please note: Without the required number of participants, the course cannot go ahead.  In the event of course cancellation, only the course fee will be refunded. If a minimum number of participants cannot be reached, applicants will be notified no later than July 31 (for the August course) and March 31 (for the May course), and consequently refunded.

Included in the course fee are 37 hours of instruction, as listed in the preliminary schedule, and access to the University Centre, use of its facilities (wireless network, internet access, computer lab and cafeteria). Course material is not included in the course fee and will be available in the University Center of the Westfjords for ISK 3,000.

Please note that teaching takes place in Ísafjörður/University Centre. The University Centre will organize transportation if it is included in the teaching, in private cars or by bus depending on the number of participants.


Accommodation: Please read the information under Accommodation carefully. Note that accommodation is not included in the course fee.

Our community

"My experience in Ísafjörður has been unique and inspiring.  The students are diverse and dynamic, the courses are enlightening, and staff and locals are welcoming to students. I came here to get a degree, but I´m leaving with so much more than that."
Jamie Landry, USA, CMM student 2009-2010


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